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      AP SoC Connectivity 新產品

      Highly Integrated In-Vehicle InfotainmentSoC

      AEC-Q100 Automotive Grade 3


      MT3370 is the world’s first In-VehicleInfotainment chip integrated DVD decoder. It’s highly integration of DVDdecoder, ARM11 CPU system, Mali 400 GPU, 3 Audio DSP processors, dual displaysystems, Full HD Video decoder and is delivered in advanced 40nm processingtechnology, creating universal platforms that deliver more stable and powerfulperformance at the most competitive price.

      ? DVD/CD Integration
      ? ARM11 up to 800MHz and ARM9 up to 400MHz
      ? OPGL ES 2.0
      ? H.264/ MPEG-4/ RMVB/ VP6/MPEG-2/AVS/VC-1
      ? CVBS In/ CCIR 656/601/ Video switch
      ? 5.1 channel for front / stereo for rear
      ? SPIDF out / I2S out
      ? PCM audio playback
      ? Dual channel Display
      ? TV Decoder
      ? Touch Screen Controller
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