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      AP SoC Connectivity 新產品


      WiFi SoC for Automotive OE market


      MT5931 single chip SOC provides the optimalintegrated IEEE 802.11? b/g/n (MAC/Baseband/Radio) solution for  automotive platforms. Achieving the lowestsystem cost solution in the industry, the MT5931 integrates a 2.4 GHz poweramplifier and a transmit/receive switch. By utilizing AutoChips’ advanceddesign techniques and circuit technologies, the MT5931 delivers ultra-lowactive and idle power consumption and long battery life.

      ? All-In-One Wireless LAN SOCsolution (MAC/Baseband/Radio) 
      ? Single-Band 2.4GHz IEEE Std802.11? b/g/n compliant
      ? Supports IEEE Std 802.11? d/e/i/k/r/wfeatures
      ? Single Stream 802.11n support for up to 150Mbps data rate
      ? Integrated CMOS power amplifier andTransmit/Receive Switch
      ? Supports standard SDIO v2.0(50MHz, 4-bit and 1-bit), SPI , and eHPI host interfaces
      ? 1-Wire/2-Wire/3-Wire Bluetooth coexistenceinterfaces
      ? Operating temperature:-40℃~+85℃

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